Moving to Canada

Can you help me immigrate to Canada and find employment?

How can I find out about programs of study in Canada?

The CanLearn website provides information about education and training opportunities in Canada.

Where can I find information on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program?

The ESDC website provides information for employers such as:

  • hiring a foreign worker in Canada;
  • industry sectors and occupations with special processes;
  • working in and immigrating to Canada; and
  • the CIC Guidebook for Employers.


I am an international student in Canada. How do I find information about work permits?

For co-op or internship programs: Citizenship and Immigration Canada 


For post -graduate work permits: Working after Graduation

Where can I find information about completing an income tax return?

Canada Revenue Agency: International Students in Canada

I am an international graduate student and would like to find information about becoming a permanent resident in Canada.