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Here's what our clients are saying

We love to read encouraging and sincere testimonials from our clients about their experience with AXIS Career Services. If you have a success story or kind words you'd like to share with us, please contact us here.

For me, the AXIS Program was very helpful and motivated me beyond my expectations. I know now that I have many career options and opportunities for work in my field.

- Shakila, Civil Engineering

I got key information in the AXIS Program to see where I fit into the Canadian work market. It was very helpful to understand the Canadian way of life as well. I feel more confident now. It is the best way to know ourselves and it is great to have someone that tells us the reality of working in Canada.

- Cintia, International Business Management

AXIS has given me an opportunity to reinvent myself. Personally, I am now highly motivated and ready to join any workplace. The program really helped me to discover my capabilities hidden inside me. It has stimulated me. I think the things that I have learned from this program will be a strong force in directing my future.

- Mosammat, Physical Chemistry

AXIS was my first step towards learning about the Canadian society. The most important thing of all was that it gave me confidence and taught me how to search for opportunities which match myself.

- Jia, Computer Engineering

Overall, I think AXIS offers very good programs, intensive, comprehensive and effective. It gives all the important information you need to start a new career in a whole new place. The instructor knows very well how to prepare Newcomers for working in Canada

- Bo, Oil & Gas Engineering

“I appreciate the Association for New Canadians for their continuous efforts and their kind support. The twelve week internship with Nalcor Energy was very useful. Through my work in this internship I have had experience of a satisfactory depth and breadth; helping me to be conversant with the applicable Canadian engineering laws, practices, standards, conditions and climates. In addition, it was good chance to get a reference and to show myself, which enables me to get another internship for four months with the same company. “

- Mohamed Khalifa- Engineering Intern, NALCOR Energy

“AXIS Career Services is just like a bridge over the troubled river, which connects  potential job opportunities with skilled and prepared job-hunters. My life changed since the first day of attending the Career Essential Workshop on March 2008. I regained my confidence, learned lots of practical things associated with Canadian job market and workplace, and met many new friends. AXIS Career Services helped me focus on my career goals while providing practical solutions to the challenges that I experienced while seeking employment. I am in a regulated profession, so getting the right information and advice to get my professional designation helped me get on the right path to successful employment. “

- BOLUO XIE, P. ENG– Engineer, Newfoundland Energy Services

 " I would never be enjoying my present career as a Research Associate at Memorial University if it were not for the support, guidance and encouragement I got from AXIS. I believe that this position is a stepping stone for me and an opportunity through AXIS to further my career while gaining valuable Canadian experience. I love my present position and would never be able to thank AXIS enough for being there when I needed help most. There is no doubt that the professional service that AXIS renders is and will continue to be invaluable to all new Canadians." Regards,

- Jenny John –Research Associate, Memorial University of Newfoundland

“The Association for New Canadians has helped me a lot. After my arrival in Newfoundland three years ago, I contacted the Association for New Canadians to try to figure out my situation. Not only did they help me navigate through the immigration maze, they also helped me apply for a study permit, work permit and find work. For newcomers, the Association is a must stop once you get here. Through their several settlement programs, they will make sure the transition, adaptation, and settlement are as smooth and enjoyable as possible.”

- Robert Nzambimana – Customer Service Representative, ICT Group

"AXIS provides the resources skilled immigrants need to participate fully in the Canadian labour market. The program provides a good orientation to the expectations of Canadian employers which is especially valuable to recent immigrants."

- Md.Arifujjaman –Engineer, Research Assistant – Memorial University of Newfoundland

 "AXIS stands for what it means! They help immigrants to penetrate the existing labour force of Newfoundland. The people working in AXIS are very strong advocates that immigrants are worth the try.

 What I am very happy with AXIS is their personalized services. They customized the strategies based on what my personal and professional goals were. Chantelle and Sheri were instrumental with how I found my current job, which is well aligned with my knowledge, skills and experiences. What`s amazing is that everything happened in just a very short time.

AXIS, thank you for helping everyone. People like you prove that immigrating to Canada is worth it!"


- Francis Apit

"AXIS Career Services Business Development Support Program assisted me in many ways to establish my business. They provided me with lots of great information and ideas. I am now very happy and am running a successful business."

- Jinhong Lin, Jin Dragon Restaurant

Thank you for the fantastic work you’re doing there. AXIS has really made a difference for me."

- GianCarlo Delgado, Corner Brook