Job Seeker Success Stories


Silu, an international student pursuing a Master of Business Administration, first approached AXIS Career Services in January 2015 in search of a career in the accounting field. Silu participated in the Career Connections workshop in June 2015 where she further developed her skills for the local job market.

Silu completed her degree in December 2016 and then started her job search for a professional job. She was connected with Quinlan & Taylor in December 2016 and was offered an internship placement to begin January 2017. During her internship, Silu worked diligently to learn the various aspects of her role while also working to complete her CPA PREP courses. Following the internship, Silu was hired as a full-time Staff Accountant.

AXIS would like to extend our congratulations to Silu and wish her continued success in her future endeavours.

Project Engineer

Jack first came to AXIS Career Services in October 2015 during the last year of his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering looking for assistance to secure employment in his field of study. In February 2016, he participated in the AXIS Career Services Career Essentials e-learning program where he enhanced his skills in preparation for the local job market. After graduation, Jack started looking for potential work opportunities in his field of study. He was connected with Frontier Subsea and was offered a placement through AXIS’ Internship Placement Program in August 2016. Throughout the placement, Jack was able to further develop his skills in robotics engineering. Following the internship placement, Jack was hired as a full time Controls Engineer with Frontier Subsea on phase one of the company’s ROMIT project.

Following the conclusion of the project, Jack relocated to Clarenville where he currently works as an Electrical Project Engineer.

From all of us at AXIS, we would like to congratulate Jack on all of your success and we wish you the best in all your future endeavours!




A graduate from Memorial University with a Master’s in Computer Science, Kevin registered with AXIS Career Services in September 2015 with one goal in mind: to find a career in his field of study. Shortly after registering with AXIS, Kevin completed the Career Essentials online pre-employment training program - orientation to career and professional integration for internationally educated workers. Upon completion of his training, Kevin began focusing on his job search while also learning new programming languages to enhance his skills.

In February 2016, Kevin secured an internship placement with Powered by B as a Developer/Programmer. Throughout the placement, Kevin continued to enhance his skills as a Developer to ensure that he was able to make a significant contribution to each project assigned. Following his internship, Kevin was offered a full time job with Powered by B and continues to work hard to contribute new and innovative ideas to the company.



Web Developer

A graduate from the Master’s of Computer Science program, Na (Vincy) Luo approached AXIS in June 2015 in search of career guidance. Vincy completed AXIS’ online training program, Career Essentials, to prepare for the Canadian workforce and then began her job search. Throughout this time, she was actively teaching herself different programming languages to keep her skills current.

AXIS connected her with Boom IT in July for a potential opportunity through the Internship Placement Program. Both Vincy and the employer felt it would be a good fit and she started her internship within a few weeks from her interview. During her placement, Vincy worked very hard in developing new skills to contribute to the team. Following her placement, Vincy was hired as a full-time Web Developer with Boom IT.

Vincy described her experience with AXIS:

“AXIS opened the door to a whole new life for me! Before AXIS, I had an experience similar to those of many new Canadians. I had dreams of a career that would not just employ me but challenge and inspire me, preferably in a discipline related to my education and skills. Although I was educated in the computer programming field, I was working on the front lines in the retail industry. Despite the fact that this work allowed me to meet many wonderful people, I wanted something more. AXIS opened the door to the opportunities I was dreaming about. They enabled me to showcase my skills, understand the job market and make contact with employers who were looking for someone just like me. I can never thank AXIS enough for providing the gateway from where I was to where I am today - employed in a very challenging career that I truly love! If you are in a situation similar to mine, I really encourage you to visit AXIS and meet the center's amazing team. This visit may change your life the way it has changed mine! ”

Na (Vincy) Luo


Statistical Analyst

Gustavo Furlanetto first came to AXIS in September 2015 for assistance in seeking employment opportunities in the St. John’s area. He left his job as a Market Intelligence Analyst in Brazil to accompany his wife who is studying at Memorial University. Although he did not have Canadian education or work experience prior to arriving, he quickly secured a job in the food service industry and began learning about the Canadian workplace culture, developing his communication skills and building networking opportunities.

Gustavo immediately began the AXIS Energy Sector Language Training Program when he registered with AXIS. With his determination and persistence he was able to make a smooth transition into a full-time, six month contract position with the Provincial Government in the Statistics Department. In August 2016 he secured full-time work with PAL Airlines as a Statistical Analyst and is embracing the challenges and opportunities to use his skills and abilities to work in a dynamic and productive environment.

When asked about AXIS Career Services, Gustavo stated:

“AXIS was a key element in my transition to the Canadian job market. I had the opportunity to meet local employers, hone my resume and prepare for interviews. I was also given the support and orientation needed to boost my confidence and succeed in a new culture and work environment. ”

Gustavo Furlanetto

Program Development Specialist

Jaspreet Kaur contacted AXIS Career Services in October 2014, shortly before completing her Masters in Educational Leadership. In March 2015, Jaspreet registered for the AXIS Career Essentials Program online to help her prepare for the Canadian workplace. She also participated in numerous networking events where she met employers from various companies to discuss potential career opportunities in her field. In December of 2015, Jaspreet secured a position with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development as a Program Development Specialist and continues to excel in her job.

When discussing her experience with AXIS, Jaspreet said:

“AXIS has helped me gain a better understanding of employability skills in the Canadian job market. The AXIS career sessions have guided me in bridging the gap between where I was and where I am today. I extend my sincere regards to AXIS for the great job they are doing to help newcomers settle in NL.”

Jaspreet Kaur

Assistant Manager (Technology/Purchasing)

In November 2015, Juan Alvarez contacted AXIS Career Services as he was seeking assistance with his job search. He was in his last semester of the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at Memorial University and wanted to be proactive with finding the right job after graduation. He was already working part-time with Best Buy and enjoyed the technology sector very much but he also wanted to work with a business that was more related to his studies so that he could grow in his career and to continue to undertake new challenges.

At the time, AXIS learned that Boom IT was in search of a new Assistant Manager and arranged an interview for Juan. The interview was a success and Juan began a 12 week placement under the AXIS Internship Placement Program in February. Juan felt that this job was a good fit for him and that he gained a lot of experience. The employer also thought that Juan was an asset to their team and offered a full-time job to him after the placement ended. Juan is currently employed with Boom IT and is very happy in his position.

Juan Alvarez

Laser Technician

Sushama Devi contacted AXIS Career Services in search of a career in the health field. In 2015, Sushama joined the IELTS preparation course at AXIS. Upon completion of her course, Sushama started a twelve week internship placement with Avalon Laser Health and was offered a full-time job as a Laser Technician after the placement.

When asked about AXIS Career Services, Sushama stated that

“I would like to express my gratitude to AXIS for giving me a wonderful opportunity to work with a very successful clinic. I am also thankful for the support and guidance provided by AXIS which helped me to achieve my career goals in the healthcare field. AXIS is doing an incredible job supporting new immigrants finding employment...”

Sushama Devi

Software Developer

In 2015, Haoyi (Vincent) Zhang contacted AXIS Career Services in search of career opportunities in the field of computer engineering. Vincent joined the Energy Sector Communications Training for Internationally Integrated Workers course and participated in all components of the program including an internship bridging program. Upon completion of his internship placement with Bluedrop Performance Learning, Vincent was offered a full-time job as a Software Developer.

When asked about AXIS Career Services, Vincent reports that:

“Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy is benefiting because of the work that AXIS Career Services is doing to develop and promote job ready newcomers. As an international graduate wanting to apply my skills in this province, I had many questions but few answers until I approached the AXIS team. I was immediately impressed with the employment readiness course as it provided me with invaluable and current information (refining my resume, developing a work skills portfolio, strengthening my intercultural and communication skills, etc.) and—just as importantly—gave me the confidence I needed. The job developer made the match, liaised with Bluedrop Learning Networks and supported me through the job interview, which was a success! Because AXIS helped me, I feel I am now applying my current knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to a locally based employer and to Newfoundland and Labrador, which I really love. None of this would have been possible without the preparation and career direction provided through this program. Please, never stop what you’re doing, because it really matters.”

Haoyi (Vincent) Zhang