Employer Engagement


 Supporting Local Employers by Tapping into International Talent


Changing demographics are having an impact on the Canadian labour force, including Newfoundland and Labrador.  With lower birthrates, outmigration, and unprecedented numbers of retirements, we have already been experiencing labour shortages across several sectors of the economy.

Canada is increasingly reliant on immigrant talent to meet its skills and labour force requirements. Per capita, our province attracts the most highly skilled and educated immigrants in Canada. Nearly half of all immigrants who settle in St. John’s hold a university degree. This overlooked talent pool is a tremendous economic advantage for this region. In the search for the best match, diversity can be a competitive edge for local employers who can effectively recruit from this rich talent pool of skilled labour.


As an employer, you may be wondering what are the benefits of hiring skilled immigrants. By hiring international talent, you could:


  • Attract and retain top talent to alleviate skills and labour shortages
  • Better understand and respond to the increasingly diverse local customer base
  • Expand local markets, and develop new global markets, by leveraging immigrants’ international experience and cultural awareness
  • Enhance productivity, creativity, employee relations, and decision-making through diverse approaches
  • Save on employee training costs by utilizing transferable foreign work experience



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