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Programs offered

Internship Placement Program

Federal Internships for Newcomers (FIN) to Canada

STEP Career Training Placements

Program Details

The Internship Placement Program is designed to assist Internationally trained Permanent Residents in Newfoundland and Labrador find work experience in their field.

How the program works:
  • Connects employers with job-ready newcomers for a 12-week internship
  • Provides access to a pool of eager-to-learn workers who have successfully completed pre-employment readiness training
  • Offers continuous support throughout the placement
  • Financial support may be available to small and medium sized enterprises who meet the Internship Placement Program (IPP) criteria

Program Benefits

For the Job Seekers:
  • Showcase specific skills and abilities, and obtain work experience in your field.
  • Strengthen job-specific skills that are needed for career advancement.
  • Network with professionals in your field.
For the Employers:
  • Diversify your workforce and increase your competitive global advantages through an investment in internationally trained workers
  • Receive insight into other business cultures, international markets, and new technologies, thus enhancing cross-cultural awareness and global perspectives within your organization
  • Attract talent to support your company’s objectives
  • Financial support is available for eligible placements, contact dbarrett@nfld.net for more details

Program Details

My First Job in NL program helps newly graduated international students find their first full time job in the province.

  • Supports small and medium sized businesses in hiring international graduates with a 16-week paid work placement
  • Increases employment opportunities for international graduates to demonstrate their skills and competencies to local employers
  • Improves the matching of labour supply and demand between the employers and the international student community
  • Targets one-on-one employment maintenance support for both the employers and the participants throughout the placement
  • Provides financial incentives to link eligible participants to the labour market

Elgibility Requirements

For the Job Seeker:
  • Recently graduated international students from College of the North Atlantic(CNA) or Memorial University of Newfoundland(MUN)
  • Be able to work up to 30 hours a week with the option to work more if needed
  • Commit to completing relevant pre-employment training prior to the placement
For the Employer:
  • Be a small to medium sized organization
  • Willing to mentor and assist the newly hired with adapting to their job
  • Ability to retain the participant after the completion of the 16 week placement

Program Benefits

For the Job Seeker:
  • Create an opportunity for newcomers to gain valuable and relevant experience
  • Enhance and grow your professional network
For the Employer:
  • Provide an incentive for employers to tap into a diverse international talent pool
  • Assist in meeting provincial immigration targets as outlined in The Way Forward on immigration in NL
  • Minimize barriers to employment for the internationally skilled community
  • Provide a transitional employment opportunity to link individuals to the labour market

Program Details

This program matches international students with full-time or part-time internship opportunities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

How the program works:
  • Assists small and medium sized businesses in hosting a funded internship opportunity for international students
  • Provides an opportunity for employers and international students to learn from each other about workplace practices
  • Ongoing support is available for both the employers and the participants throughout the internships
  • Target clients: Internationally trained students from the province's recognized post-secondary institutions
  • 12 or 21 week program, up to 35 hours a week plus MERCs
  • Clients complete relevant employment workshops prior to placement

Program Benefits

For the Student Interns:
  • Gain Canadian work experience in your field of expertise
  • Build a professional network
  • Gain unique industry skills
For the Employers:
  • Add eager and creative student interns to your team
  • Diversify your workplace and bring new approaches to your worklife
  • Mentor and share your experience with future professionals

The FIN program offers eligible newcomers to Canada the opportunity to gain work and training experience in a temporary position at the federal, provincial, or municipal level.

For more information on the FIN program and how to apply, click here

Program details

  • Aligns the skills of Internationally trained workers with the needs of employers.
  • Offers ongoing support to both the business and the skilled worker throughout the placement.

Program Specifics

  • Use a cost effective means to fill skills gap within your workplace.
  • Access global talent living in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Develop “best practices” for an inclusive workforce, while improving relations within the surrounding community.

Program Benefits

  • Increase your understanding of Canadian workplace culture.
  • Enhance your job skills through workplace exposure.
  • Develop a professional network.
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