Why Register?

 Why register with AXIS for this online service?

  • Clients will have the opportunity to match their skills with the appropriate employers
  • Clients can search current job postings from employers in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Clients will also have easy access to information about employment services at AXIS
  • Employers can upload current job postings for review by AXIS clients
  • Employers will have the opportunity to match their requirements with appropriate clients


Who can register?

  • This website was designed for internationally educated professionals and trades persons
  • AXIS clients can register to the online system; however, they will undergo an assessment first
  • The assessment will include one-on-one discussions regarding  their resume with one of our counsellors
  • Clients will also have to participate in the AXIS Career Services pre-employment readiness training
  • Employers within Newfoundland and Labrador can also register


How to register as an AXIS Career Services client?

  • Please click the "Register Now" button below to start the registration process.
  • After submitting the registration request, you will receive an email to confirm your request has been successfully received. After evaluation, either you will receive an approval email to inform you that your membership with AXIS is active, or you will be contacted by our employment counselors.