Working for the Benefit of Business

Employers are expressing their satisfaction with the benefits of a partnership with AXIS Career Services and the Association for New Canadians. If you have a success story or kind words you'd like to share with us, please contact us here.

We were introduced to AXIS Career Services through our client, Battle Harbour Historic Trust Inc. and partnered in accepting a 12 week internship placement. After our intern left to accept a permanent position at one of our Canadian banks, we worked with AXIS’ Workplace Liaison, to find another newcomer intern to complete the placement. The success of this story is that she is now a full-time employee with our company. She enriches the workplace with her culture, attitude and work ethic, which sets a standard for all of us.  We are extremely pleased with not only the program and the quality of the referrals, but the interaction with AXIS, in the introduction of the individual(s), the follow-up and monitoring during the placement period, as well as the continued interaction after placement. I also referred two of my other clients to the Workplace Liaison, and they have used (or are using) AXIS’ Bridge-to-Work programs. Our relationship continues and I look forward to further interaction which will benefit our company, but equally important, providing an opportunity for newcomers who become invaluable employees.

- -Rick Tessier, Tessier Financial– NL – (2006) Ltd.

We have had the pleasure of hiring two New Canadians from the Association for New Canadians this year in an administrative/financial clerk field, both of which have worked out very well for our company. Unfortunately one person left the province while the other is still employed with us. The Association helps new arrivals to Canada by providing them with the necessary tools to work efficiently and effectively in the Canadian marketplace. They concentrate on English language skills as well as providing an opportunity for the New Canadians to meet potential employers in the community. If you need an individual who is hard working, dedicated and anxious to learn, we would strongly recommend contacting the Association for assistance.

- Melinda Yetman, Virtual Marine Technologies

Our experience with ANC has been extremely positive. After completion of ANC's client's practicum, we hired her on the spot. Her invaluable knowledge of the industry and her rich cultural background has opened up doors and taken our company to the next level. I strongly recommend the AXIS employment program to any company looking to find qualified professionals that can bring an international perspective to the company skill set.

- Lacee Abbott, Marketing Specialist and Public Relations, Mad Rock Marine Solutions Inc.

Our experience with the employment program at the ANC has been extremely positive. Each time we've hired a new Canadian we've been 100% satisfied with the fit. I highly recommend this program as a source for interesting and highly motivated employees. Five stars.

- Renee, Local Employer

The ANC client demonstrated a professional and committed work ethic…Given his level of experience, he will be an immediate asset to any local company actively involved in industrial or manufacturing related activities.

- Ken, Bae Newplan Group Limited

My experience with the [ANC’s] practice of placing new Canadians in volunteer work situations has been very positive. The Centre has taken several practicum workers over the past 3 years. All have contributed to the library operation. All have been able to complete their assigned short-term projects and all have made effective and friendly relationships with their colleagues. We found them to be highly motivated, bright workers who would make fine permanent employees.

- Joan Head, Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland

[The ANC client] has enriched our workplace with her culture, pleasant demeanor and willingness to learn. She is always eager to share stories from Africa, showing us how a culture so different also shares many similarities with our own.

- Paula, Engaging Canadians-Engager les Canadiens/Communications, PARKS/Parcs Canada

“Participation in the Internship Program at AXIS was a good experience for EnviroMed. The staff of AXIS Career Services were very helpful and our intern was offered a one year contract with our company. “

- Brenda Rich – EnviroMed Detection Services