Dress for Success: a Big Hit!

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It was cold, it was raining, there were no buses, but clients of AXIS braved the weather and were rewarded on Thursday, November 18 at AXIS’ Dress for Success Social. Clients walked away with bags full-to-the-brim with clothes to protect them against the unmerciful St. John’s weather, and keep them looking sharp at the same time.


Several weeks ago we told you about the generous donations of professional clothing we received thanks to Memorial University’s Kindness Friday. Last week, AXIS was transformed from a career centre to a fabulous shopping destination. Racks of clothes lined the hallways and desks could not been seen for the stacks of clothes. And we certainly weren’t sorry for having to put our paper work on hold, because we had a great time socializing and catching up with our clients.


The team at AXIS is exceedingly grateful to those who came out for the event, as well as to everyone who donated. Much of what was contributed has been given a second life, and many deserving newcomers have added wonderful articles of clothing to their wardrobes, which will help them to take their first steps into the Canadian workforce with confidence.