New job opportunities arriving with summer

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Summer season is upon us once again, and that also means new job openings for seasonal work. This type of work may be just right for the university students looking for part-time jobs, or immigrants new to the city and eager to meet new people and experience Canadian workplace culture. If you recently arrived to Newfoundland and Labrador during this long and cold winter, it may be difficult for you to believe this, but St. John’s is a very busy and exciting place to be in the summer. In the recent years, it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. This creates numerous opportunities for work in the tourism industry, be that seasonal employment with the local hotels, restaurants, shops, recreational facilities, or contributing to the vibrant city culture by considering operating your own business and joining many open Farmers’ markets during the summer. There are many advantages to seasonal employment, and here we consider a few.




Benefits of seasonal employment


Making extra money

Working during the summer may include extra shifts or working overtime, but it also means earning more money. This can be especially beneficial if you need to cover the cost of the professional registration, licensing or additional training you always wanted to complete.


Acquiring work experience

Every job is a chance to learn new things and acquire new skills. As a new Canadian, seasonal employment is a great opportunity to gain experience, network, and develop your skills on the job. You may even acquire some training and be certified for it. Your future employers will appreciate your willingness to learn through different experiences, as well as any transferable skills you may acquire, such as working with customers.


Maturing through work

Seasonal work gives you a great opportunity to mature through work and feel responsible for yourself by earning your own money. Working can help you build confidence and develop a sense of responsibility.


Deciding on future employment

Seasonal employment can also help you decide on what career you would like to follow in the future. You may be surprised with how much you enjoy working in the service industry and working closely with the customers.


Finding long-term, meaningful employment

Even with the seasonal employment, if you like your job and if you show enthusiasm and good work ethic, you may be considered for a long-term employment.


Building your resume

By having seasonal jobs you can build a strong resume or a CV. Employers appreciate candidates who show willingness to work at all times and acquire new skills through a variety of different jobs. Also, seasonal jobs are a great source of references for future employment.


(Adapted from http://voices.yahoo.com/the-benefits-drawbacks-working-seasonal-job-7382170.html)




Speed to Succeed: Professional networking at its best

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When it comes to finding a job, only few things are more important than finding ways to grow your professional network.  Networking events offer a unique opportunity to connect with employers and explore new pathways to career advancement and professional fulfillment. AXIS Career Services recognizes the benefits and practical value of networking for internationally trained workers.  In keeping with our commitment to find new and innovative ways to match job-ready clients with gaps in the labour market, AXIS launched its first Speed to Succeed networking event on May 23rd, 2013.


Speed to Succeed was developed in-house by AXIS team members as a way to tangibly connect employers from specific sectors with clients seeking employment in those fields.  Unlike other networking events which tend to focus on high-volume attendance, Speed to Succeed focuses on quality matches between employers and clients in a small-group setting. For the inaugural launch of the event, AXIS was delighted to welcome three of our committed partners to the event: Coreen Bennett from the Bennett Group of Companies, representing a number of McDonalds’ franchises; Alycia O’Neill, the HR Coordinator from Caregivers NL; and Lisa Tucker and Brian Halley, HR staff with the Delta St. John’s Hotel and Conference Centre.


The morning opened with a short presentation followed by a Q&A session for the employers facilitated by two members of the AXIS team.  Employers were given an overview of AXIS’ programs and services, including how we work with local businesses throughout the province to find solutions to labour shortages and connect them to immigrant talent. This includes, but is not limited to, career counselling, pre-employment training, and continuous job-coaching support as our clients transition and grow in the local labour market.  The Q&A session was especially fascinating, as our employers offered their own insights into the benefits and challenges of building a diverse workforce.


After the presentation, employers were brought to the AXIS Networks room, where clients were eagerly awaiting their opportunity to engage in a series of individual “speed-interviews” with each employer.  Here, they had a chance to present their qualifications, discuss their interest in working for each employer, and complete the first round of the hiring process.


The event was a success indeed! Our job seekers were excited to have the opportunity to introduce themselves face-to-face to a recruiter, tell their story, and highlight their skills; and employers enjoyed having an opportunity to discuss their experiences hiring newcomers with AXIS’ staff, and were impressed and enthusiastic about the quality of interviewees.


Perhaps the best marker of success has been the feedback we have received from both employers and clients in the days following the event.  Most clients have received calls for follow-up interviews, employers have expressed interest in taking part in future events, and several job-seekers have accepted job offers from the employers who took part! We are thrilled with the outcome of our first networking event, and we'd like to express our gratitude to both our clients and the employers for their participation. Until the next Speed to Succeed!
























Jump-start your professional career - Start volunteering

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Whether you are looking for a job, or you are already employed, as an immigrant in Newfoundland and Labrador, you may be looking for additional ways to expand your networking circle, connect with your community and meet more people. One of the ways to achieve this is to become a volunteer. On a professional level, volunteering can help you:


    • Gain Canadian experience
    • Improve existing skills or learm new skills
    • Learn about potential job opportunities and places to work
    • Learn about Canadian workplace practices 
    • Meet people from your field
    • Improve your English language

When you volunteer, you do work without pay for the benefit of both others and yourself. It is up to you to decide how much time you would like to dedicate to this activity. You may want to research and explore your options within the community you live in, and find a volunteering opportunity that would be somewhat related to your field of expertise, where you can give the most, and receive the most in return. Many not-for-profit and charitable organizations welcome volunteers on a regular basis. Check your community listings or talk to the AXIS Career Services employment counsellor to help identify suitable opportunities for you. 

To learn more about volunteering in Canada, read "Buliding Blocks for Newcomers: A Guide on Volunteering". 





AXIS introduces Business 101

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On Febraury 15th, AXIS Career Services launched its first  Business 101 course. The course is designed to assist new Canadians understand the “How To” of starting a business in Newfoundland and Labrador. Classes take place every Friday from 10am-12pm for 12 weeks. The course has been created and is being facilitated through a partnership between AXIS Career Services and Enactus- Memorial.


In the picture: Robert Forsythe, Enactus Volunteer


New OHS Module for Immigrants

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Increased awareness of the importance of safety in Canadian workplace is vital for successful job maintenance and growth. As an innovative response to numerous studies showing that hazardous settings, language barriers, heavy workloads and lack of knowledge of safety practices may all contribute to immigrant workplace injury, the Association for New Canadians - AXIS Career Services Division has recently developed an Occupational Health and Safety Facilitator's Guide  for Immigirants - Building Awareness. The project was funded by the Workplace Health, Safety, and Compensation Commission of Newfoundland and Labrador (WHSCC) with support from the Department of Advanced Education and Skills through the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism (OIM).


The Facilitator's Guide is designed to provide newcomers with current knowledge of workplace rights and responsibilities which ensure safe and healthy work environments and support successful and sustainable labour market integration. It includes language appropriate, easy and flexible access to relevant, specific health and safety information. The module addresses thirteen topics and includes facilitator's notes, audio/video references, handouts for students, and learnirng activities, all designed to be delivered to newcomers who are preparing to enter the labour force. This Occupational Health and Safety Module is now an essential component of the AXIS Pre-Employment Skills Development Training and Bridge-To-Work Programs. 


For more information on the Occupational Health and Safety Facilitator's Guide for Immigrants - Building Awareness, contact us at axis@nfld.net. 


To learn more about the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission (WHSCC), please visit http://www.whscc.nf.ca. 


Opportunities in tourism industry

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Believe it or not, summer is soon coming to Newfoundland and Labrador! What does this mean for job-seekers? It means that employers are looking for friendly, out-going individuals to become part of the exciting tourism environment.


The economy of Newfoundland and Labrador relies heavily on the tourism sector. A job in tourism can lead you into any of these five areas:  


    • Food and Beverage Services
    • Accomodations 
    • Recreation and Entertainment 
    • Transportation
    • Travel Services

Eight enthusiastic participants are motivated and focused on learning Tourism Essential skills to help start them on their path in this field. AXIS Career Services has partnered with Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador to deliver the Ready-to-Work training for internationally trained workers with education and experience in the field of tourism. The sessions are well underway with our third week of training almost complete. 

With a constant demand for qualified workers and many opporunities for growth, why not look into a career intourism today! And what better way to learn more about our beautiful province. 

For more information on the program or any other related information, please visit Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador at www.hnl.ca.


Harnessing Technology Skills for Growth Conference in St. John's

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Harnessing Technology Skills for Growth Conference was held in St. John's in October 2011. Organized by Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) and Canadian Technology Immigration Network (CTIN), it addressed issues and challenges related to emerging skills shortages facing technology industries in Newfoundland and Labrador. The participants also discussed strategies for employers searching out the best talent both locally and internationally.


The conference program included keynotes and panel presentations by industry and government leaders, including: Ed Martin, President and CEO of Nalcor Energy; Emad Rizkalla, President and CEO of Bluedrop Performance Learning; Ron Taylor, Executive Director of Newfoundland and Labrador Technology Industries; Nellie Burke, Executive Director of  the Office of the Immgiration and Muliticuluturalism, Government of Newfounland and Labrador; Eileen Kelly-Freake, Director, Employment Programs and Career Services, AXIS Career Services; and Pam Toope, Director, Advanced Education and Skills, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. 






For more information on CCTT or CTIN, please visit http://www.cctt.ca/ and  http://ctin.ca/


Happy Holidays!

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Foreign Credentials Recognition Office Showcases IQN Website

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On September 26, 2011, the Association for New Canadians through its AXIS Career Services Division hosted the International Qualifications Network (IQN) Early Adopter Information Session, presented by Citizenship and Immigration`s Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO). The International Qualifications Network Website is a new initiative spearheaded by FCRO to support the Pan-Canadian Framework for the assessment and recognition of foreign credentials. The website has been developed to provide a platform for showcasing international qualifications assessment and recognition promising practices from across Canada and internationally. It provides an opportunity for subject-matter experts to share information, knowledge and lessons learned with anyone having similar interests in this area. Finally, the IQN Website helps organizations involved in foreign qualifications recognition to exchange innovative practice and build cooperative networks.



A number of stakeholders from St. John`s, including government and business representatives, regulatory bodies, sector councils, post-secondary institutions, and community organizations, attended the session led by Allain Lauzon and Alexandra Normandin from the Foreign Credentials Referral Office (CIC).



The IQN Website will be officially launched later this Fall.


For more information about the history of the IQN, please visit www.credentials.gc.ca/partners/outreach/outreach.asp.