TV series showcases female entrepreneurs in N.L

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TV series showcases female entrepreneurs in N.L

There’s no denying that the number of Canadian female entrepreneurs is growing and there are more supports and initiatives to help level the entrepreneurial playing field.

But the reality is that women still face more barriers and challenges than their male counterparts.

One St. John’s woman is making a progressive effort to help break down those barriers and turn challenges into opportunities with the creation of “Extrapreneurs,” a new locally produced television show and web series set to debut next week on Rogers Television and online.
“Women contribute a significant amount to the Canadian economy, but there’s still a skill set and economic impact that’s untapped,” explains Ronnie Walsh, the show’s executive producer, researcher, writer, host and co-owner of Nine Island Communications along with her husband and business partner, Peter Walsh.

“So how do we have that conversation and how do we introduce people to each other to start doing business together and also provide some solutions?” she says.

“There are many challenges that many people in businesses feel, so I wanted to let people know by first showcasing some of these businesses, identify the challenges and opportunities, and the similarities because many people are experiencing those things.”

Walsh says because the show features local busineses [sic], it could spark some much-needed economic growth this province.
“You can’t say that a television show is going to be a panacea, but a television show can introduce or re-introduce you to people in businesses that you might want to do business with, which then in turn keeps the money in our province and drives our province.”

The first season of the show, with presentation sponsorship from the Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs, features five 30-minute episodes and covers a vast array of interesting and valuable topics through a combination of one-on-one interviews, panel discussions and pre-produced pieces.

“We’re shot in NL and LAB, but the topics we cover could apply to anyone in business across the country because we talk about various issues,” says Walsh.

The show will tackle the #MeToo movement and how people can deal with gender discrimination and workplace harassment; narrowing the supply chain access gap; financial advice; women in technology and its impact on the global economy; the importance of continuing education and training; and how social media and online marketing strategies are driving small- and medium-sized enterprises.

It will also dive into the often-unexplored topic of mental health for the entrepreneur.

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