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New job opportunities arriving with summer

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Summer season is upon us once again, and that also means new job openings for seasonal work. This type of work may be just right for the university students looking for part-time jobs, or immigrants new to the city and eager to meet new people and experience Canadian workplace culture. If you recently arrived to Newfoundland and Labrador during this long and cold winter, it may be difficult for you to believe this, but St. John’s is a very busy and exciting place to be in the summer. In the recent years, it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. This creates numerous opportunities for work in the tourism industry, be that seasonal employment with the local hotels, restaurants, shops, recreational facilities, or contributing to the vibrant city culture by considering operating your own business and joining many open Farmers’ markets during the summer. There are many advantages to seasonal employment, and here we consider a few.




Benefits of seasonal employment


Making extra money

Working during the summer may include extra shifts or working overtime, but it also means earning more money. This can be especially beneficial if you need to cover the cost of the professional registration, licensing or additional training you always wanted to complete.


Acquiring work experience

Every job is a chance to learn new things and acquire new skills. As a new Canadian, seasonal employment is a great opportunity to gain experience, network, and develop your skills on the job. You may even acquire some training and be certified for it. Your future employers will appreciate your willingness to learn through different experiences, as well as any transferable skills you may acquire, such as working with customers.


Maturing through work

Seasonal work gives you a great opportunity to mature through work and feel responsible for yourself by earning your own money. Working can help you build confidence and develop a sense of responsibility.


Deciding on future employment

Seasonal employment can also help you decide on what career you would like to follow in the future. You may be surprised with how much you enjoy working in the service industry and working closely with the customers.


Finding long-term, meaningful employment

Even with the seasonal employment, if you like your job and if you show enthusiasm and good work ethic, you may be considered for a long-term employment.


Building your resume

By having seasonal jobs you can build a strong resume or a CV. Employers appreciate candidates who show willingness to work at all times and acquire new skills through a variety of different jobs. Also, seasonal jobs are a great source of references for future employment.


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