Getting Out into the Workplace

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October has been a busy month for Maggie, AXIS' resident Job Coach, and our clients taking part in her Networks Class.  In addition to attending classes and inviting professional presenters so clients can learn more about the Canadian workplace, Maggie also organized three different tours of local businesses.

On October 7th, clients visited Scotia Recycling, located on East White Hills Road. Their tour guide Robert, a supervisor at the recycling facility, explained to clients where the blue bag recyclables from your home go and how they are sorted.

The following week, on October 15th, the Networks group met with Norman Van De Spiegle, General Manager at the Holiday Inn on Portugal Cove Road. Clients were given a tour of the Holiday Inn, including the guest rooms, laundry facilities, banquet/conference rooms, and East Side Mario's.

Finally, on October 21st, the class visited the iconic Memorial Stadium Dominion.  Here, Norma Neary and Pearl Power treated AXIS' clients to the various departments within the store, including grocery, front end, bakery, meat, produce, and seafood sections.

AXIS would like to thank Scotia Recycling, Holiday Inn, and Dominion for opening their doors to our clients and letting them know about the many unique employment opportunities available to them throughout the city!