The Mentoring Link


Linking Newcomers with Experienced Canadian Professionals


The AXIS Mentoring Link Program is built on the concept of helping newcomers gain insight into the Canadian labour market and learninig about practical ways to take more responsibility for the effective management of their career goals. The program also enriches the professional life of each mentor with developing his or her communication and leadership skills while gaining personal satisfaction through doing something worthwhile. If maximized effectively, both parties will benefit from the experience. 



"an experienced and trusted adviser" or "an experienced person in a company or educational institution who trains and counsels new employees or students"



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What is an AXIS Mentor? 


An AXIS Mentor is a Canadian professional/trades person who has successfully established his/her career in their field of expertise and is dedicated to sharing his/her knowledge with others. 


Mentors must be willing to offer both guidance and expertise on the Canadian labour market and on the specific occupation within their industry, which will ultimately lead to the successful integration of newcomers into the local labour market. 



"The mentoring relationship is exactly that - a relationship. It requires commitment, reciprocity, open communication and trust."



Benefits for the Mentors

  • Mentors gain both personal and professional satisfaction in helping another individual trained in their field of expertise prepare for the Canadian workforce. 
  • Mentors improve interpersonal skills.
  • Mentors employ a vast range of communication skills during the mentoring partnership. 
  • Mentors gain an increased awareness and a more thorough understanding of the challenges faced by newcomers. 
  • Mentors gain peer recognition. 
  • Mentors gain an appreciation for the similarities between Canadian and other cultures, as well as the professional experiences of individuals in their shared profession who have been trained in an international context. 


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