Preparing cover letters



Your resume is now completed, but your job application is not fully ready yet. To prepare and complete an effective job search package, a cover letter generally accompanies your resume to emphasize your skills and your value to the employer.




A cover letter can be considered your personal introduction. Imagine you were meeting the employer for the very first time and only had 30 seconds to present yourself for the job. What would you say?


Think about the cover letter as an additional opportunity to articulate and describe why you are best for the job, in your very own words. While resumes follow your work and education history, and generally list your most relevant skills to date, the cover letter is an essential tool which explains why you are a great fit for that position. The cover letter allows you to be more descriptive and express exactly why you are a match to the employer's needs.




A cover letter is written in a business letter style, preferably with no more than one page.  The body of the cover letter consists of one to three short paragraphs. It is important to ensure proper grammar and spelling in both cover letter and the resume.  Many employers will assess your communication skills based on how well-written your cover letter is. Read your cover letter carefully several times to make sure that there are no typing or spelling mistakes.