What is Energy Sector Language Training (ESLT)?


AXIS Career Services has developed an innovative module for immigrants seeking and maintaining employment in the Oil and Gas industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. Energy Sector Language Training (ESLT) module was designed for assisting internationally educated professionals and skilled workers better meet occupational standards through enhanced language and essential skills training, as well as targeted mentorships.  Furthermore, this training aims to accelerate the inclusion and integration of skilled professionals into the labour market, as well as to help advance their career and equip them to take on more leading roles within the workplace.



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On July 26, 2011, Geoff Parker, Hebron Senior Project Manager, Vice-President ExxonMobil Canada at the Association for New Canadians announced the Hebron Project Energy Sector Language Training Fund. This fund is intended to support a language training module for current and prospective employees in the energy industry.

(L-R) Bridget Foster, Executive Director (ANC); Geoff Parker, Hebron Senior Project Manager, Vice-President ExxonMobil Canada; Worakanok Thanyamanta, Engineer and Eileen Kelly-Freake, Director of Employment Programs and Career Services (ANC)