Participant Consent

I understand that the personal information collected and held by 1128015 AXIS Career Services – Association for New Canadians will solely be used to help me access employment programs and services designed to help me prepare for, get, and keep employment.

I give consent for the exchange of relevant information between AXIS Career Services and representatives of the following, as necessary, to help me achieve my career and employment goals in Canada:

  • The Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour and its departments and agencies,
  • Educational Institutions for admission, translation and credential recognition purposes,
  • Employers and business partners, on my behalf, to discuss potential employment opportunities and processes, promote my skills and abilities, and to assist with job development once I am employed in the organization,

By signing this document:

  • I understand what information about me may be released and why such information may be needed.
  • I understand that my consent is voluntary and that I may withdraw it at any time by speaking with my Career Practitioner.
  • I certify that all information given by me is true and accurate as of the date of signature.
  • I understand that my consent is valid for the period of one year from the date of signature.
  • I understand that email transmissions are insecure, and subject to human error
  • I understand that AXIS Career Services is permitted to share confidential information with third parties when:
    1. Disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to yourself or others,
    2. Possible child, or elderly abuse/neglect is involved,
    3. There is a court subpoena requesting your records,
    4. Required by federal or provincial law or
    5. Your practitioner consults with a supervisor or counseling colleague.