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About AXIS Career Services

AXIS Career Services has been assisting newcomers to Newfoundland and Labrador for over 25 years. We provide customized, career-focused pre-employment programs and services to facilitate sustainable labour market attachment for our immigrant community. Each year, we work with approximately 700 newcomers, among others internationally trained professionals, international students, and small business owners looking to start businesses in our province. Some of our programs include workforce connections, career essentials e-learning and e-mentoring, internship placement program, financial literacy training, workplace communication and integration training program, occupational specific language training, IELTS preparation, and more.


More Information

This Virtual Employment and Career Information Fair is open for anyone who is eligible to work in Newfoundland and Labrador.

No. This event is about any positions that employers need to fill. If the employers do not specify the nature of the position, you are encouraged to ask them during their Zoom presentation.

You will have an opportunity to speak with not only employers, but also some regulators and community stakeholders. See the list on the webpage.

This is a Zoom event. In order to attend, you need to have a computer, tablet or a mobile phone device on which you can download Zoom. We will email you the link to the meeting, and you can access this event at any time by clicking on that link.

You can download the Zoom app on your computer or your mobile devices. We recommend practicing using Zoom so you are comfortable logging in for the event. It is very easy and straightforward. We recommend turning on your camera for the event.

No. You can choose only those presentations that you consider beneficial to you and your career. However, you are free to attend all of them.

You can look at the list of employers/exhibitors on this website and learn more about the ones that interest you. Based on that, you can prepare some questions for the employer. You should also update your resume and be ready to send it to the employer. The resumes will be forwarded to employers via AXIS staff after the event.

AXIS staff will forward your resume to the employer with which you would like to connect. Contact us after the event so we can facilitate this as soon as possible.

Yes! Anyone can join the event, as long as they register.

This is both a hiring and networking event. All participating employers will discuss work opportunities with their companies, whether they are current or upcoming. They will talk about how and where to apply for jobs, and where to look for future opportunities when they are advertised.